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Top 6 reasons to learn Romanian

Learn Romanian fast and easily with our language course ‘Romanian for beginners’.

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Learn Romanian - First words
Hi! Ceau!
Hello! Bună ziua!
How are you? Cum îţi merge?
Good bye! La revedere!
See you soon! Pe curând!

6 reasons to learn Romanian

Learning Romanian opens a window to the rich cultural and historical heritage of Eastern Europe. This language provides access to Romania’s unique traditions, folklore, and literature, offering a deeper appreciation of the country’s contributions to world culture and history.

Romanian is a Romance language, making it easier for speakers of other Romance languages to learn. This linguistic similarity fosters a quicker understanding of its vocabulary and structure, accelerating the learning process and providing a solid foundation for mastering other related languages.

The challenge of learning Romanian enhances cognitive abilities. Engaging with its grammar and vocabulary stimulates the brain, improving memory, problem-solving skills, and mental flexibility. This intellectual exercise can make learning additional languages more accessible and enjoyable.

Career opportunities can expand with proficiency in Romanian. Knowledge of the language is valuable in fields such as diplomacy, international business, and tourism. Romania’s growing economy and strategic location in Europe make Romanian a useful asset in a competitive job market.

Access to Romanian literature and cinema in their original form offers unique cultural insights. Understanding Romanian allows for a direct engagement with the works of great Romanian writers and filmmakers, deepening one’s appreciation for the nuances of the language and the richness of the culture.

The process of learning Romanian is rewarding in itself. It fosters a sense of personal growth and achievement. As learners progress, they not only gain a new linguistic skill but also develop a deeper connection with a culture that has a rich history and a dynamic present.

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