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Top 6 reasons to learn Georgian

Learn Georgian fast and easily with our language course ‘Georgian for beginners’.

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Learn Georgian - First words
Hi! გამარჯობა!
Hello! გამარჯობა!
How are you? როგორ ხარ?
Good bye! ნახვამდის!
See you soon! დროებით!

6 reasons to learn Georgian

Learning Georgian offers a unique window into one of the world’s oldest cultures. This language opens up the rich history, traditions, and arts of Georgia, allowing learners to appreciate the country’s unique contribution to world heritage deeply.

Georgian is notable for its beautiful script, which is among the few unique alphabets globally. Mastering this writing system not only enhances linguistic skills but also provides a fascinating insight into the country’s literary and historical documents.

For travelers, speaking Georgian enriches visits to Georgia. It enables deeper interactions with locals, offering a more authentic and memorable experience. From the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the serene landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains, knowing the language adds a valuable layer to exploration.

The Georgian language is a gateway to understanding the complex geopolitical landscape of the Caucasus region. Learning Georgian helps unravel the intricate history and current affairs of this strategically important area, providing learners with a nuanced perspective.

Engaging with Georgian literature and music in its original language offers unparalleled insight into the soul of the nation. It reveals the depth of Georgian emotional expression, resilience, and creativity, connecting learners to the country’s artistic achievements and folk traditions.

Learning Georgian fosters personal growth and broadens one’s linguistic horizons. It challenges learners to engage with a language structure quite different from Indo-European languages, enhancing cognitive flexibility and cultural awareness. This linguistic journey is not just about acquiring a new means of communication; it’s about embracing a rich cultural heritage.

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