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Top 6 reasons to learn Finnish

Learn Finnish fast and easily with our language course ‘Finnish for beginners’.

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Learn Finnish - First words
Hi! Hei!
Hello! Hyvää päivää!
How are you? Mitä kuuluu?
Good bye! Näkemiin!
See you soon! Näkemiin!

6 reasons to learn Finnish

Learning Finnish offers a unique window into Finland’s rich cultural and historical heritage. This language is a key to understanding the country’s contributions to art, literature, and music. Immersing yourself in Finnish allows for a deeper appreciation of Finland’s unique identity within Scandinavia.

Finnish is considered one of the most challenging languages for English speakers, making mastering it a notable achievement. The process of learning Finnish sharpens cognitive skills and enhances problem-solving abilities. It’s a rewarding intellectual challenge that offers a sense of accomplishment.

For those interested in technology and innovation, Finland is a leading country. Knowledge of Finnish opens up opportunities in the tech industry, renowned for companies like Nokia. It also provides insights into Finland’s approach to education, healthcare, and social welfare.

Finnish nature is breathtaking, from serene lakes to expansive forests. Speaking Finnish enriches travel experiences in Finland, allowing for deeper connections with locals and a fuller understanding of the country’s environmental ethos and outdoor lifestyle.

The Finnish language is the key to accessing Finland’s vibrant literary scene. Reading Finnish literature and poetry in its original language captures the nuances and emotions that translations might miss. It’s an immersive way to experience the Finnish worldview.

Engaging directly with Finnish media and entertainment offers a fresh perspective on global and local issues. It allows for a more nuanced understanding of Finnish society, politics, and humor. This engagement not only improves language skills but also deepens cultural awareness and understanding.

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